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Pink and res roses flower bunch


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To send your flowers to us, you have three options available. If you would like to arrange another option rather than our suggestions, feel free to email and discuss with us at

Please Click on the photo to get more info. 


Our temporary Studio is located in South West Sydney.


You can assign a family member or friend to drop your flowers off to us anytime after your wedding. 

Please make sure to keep it in a vase with clean water and away from direct sunlight whilst waiting to be delivered.

Flowers got dropped off at our studio
yellow and white bouquet got dropped off at our studio
Wedding flowers get preserved in resin
mixed pink, purple, lilac orchid and roses bouquet

This option is only offered to Sydney Metro Customers.

We can either pick up your flower in person or arrange a courier to pick up your flower the day after your event. A fee charge applied depend on the distance


Flowers packed and sent to get preserved in resin
Flowers packed and sent to get preserved in resin



 Express Shipping your flowers to our Studio the day after your event. 

Follow our Packing Instructions below:

 Step 1: Cut about 1-2cm of your flower stems. Use a wet damp paper towel to wrap around the stem, make sure it covers all the stems around and even the bottom of the stems. The better option for the wet damp paper towel is a floral tube (flower water tube)

    Step 2: Use a Sandwich Ziplock bag, put the base of your flower in, and tie it securely with elastic bands or zip ties. The reason for this step is to make sure no water leaks and travels up to the flowers which can cause moisture and rot. 

     Step 3: Purchase a postage box from Post Office, and add plenty of packing peanuts/ tissue papers to create a cushion base for your flower, this help reduce the shock during handling and transport. 

Put your bouquet in, add more packing peanuts/tissue papers around and on top of your flower then post it to us choosing Australia Post express shipping for fragile items. Make sure you choose a slightly larger box so your flowers won't be squashed when packing. 

Wedding Flowers preserved in resin Initial Letters and Small heart block on lightbase
Customised resin letter with flower on lightbase


  • If you are planning to have your flowers preserved, Please do not toss or throw your flowers. 

  • The fresher your flowers are the better the final product is. So we suggest you send your flowers to us as soon as possible. The best time for flowers to be preserved is between 1-3 days after your event but no later than 5 days (for fresh flowers preservation option only)

  • Please do not spray water on your flowers, it won't keep your flower last longer. 

  • Your fridge and your local florist's fridge aren't the same. Putting flowers in your household fridge will not prolong the flowers' life 

  • When packing, use damp paper tissues, not wet paper tissues. Wet tissues will cause moist, bruised and mouldy petals during the transport process

  • Must use Express Shipping. The fragile label and "This side up" label should be displayed visibly on the box.

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