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Welcome to Infinite Joy Creation!

You MUST read and agree to these Policy prior to placing the order or sending your flower to us.


At Infinite Joy, we proudly take extra care when preserving your flower to retain its colour, shape and size and create a memorable keepsake for you. However, each flower and foliage react differently during the drying and casting process. The resin itself is a chemical and the reaction is varied from flower to flower or foliage to foliage. The same flower type might also react differently in resin due to its condition when we receive your flower. Hence, slight colour changing or texture changes are expected.


We always try our best to make you the perfect keepsake as possible but due to the resin nature, there will be some expected imperfections on the final products like air bubbles, flower petal transparency, colour changing, line alongside the products, etc,… We will put in the effort to minimise all the imperfections and correct them if possible.

You must fully understand prior placing your order with us.



Capsulating a piece of memory in resin is such an artful way to turn it into a forever keepsake, this is a lengthy process and requires many steps and processes involved. Generally, the order completion will take from 20-24 weeks from the day we receive your flower. In some cases it might take longer or shorter, we will keep you updated. Be patient and let us do our work.


Our Pricelist provides the product size, which is presented as Width x Length x Depth or Diameter x Depth. We strongly advise considering your flowers' type before finalizing the sizing. For instance It would impractical to select a small, shallow mould if your bouquet contains Dahlias, Proteas, Peonies, etc.


By entrusting your flowers to Infinite Joy Creation, you are not only granting us permission to preserve them using our extensive expertise but also placing your trust in our knowledge and recommendations. Nevertheless, we are open to accomodating any adjustments you may have regarding the creation of layouts.


You can choose to encapsulate some special/memorable items or photos in resin with your flower (if the size is allowed).


  • We cannot remove your items after casting them in resin. 

  • You can send your photo to us by email, and we will print it out for you. Please inform us prior to placing your order


We highly recommend that customers provide additional flowers when requesting preservation services, as this allows for potential replacements or addressing any damage that may occur during shipping. We will carefully dry all the flowers and foliage, selecting only the healthiest ones for casting. You have the choice to receive the remaining flowers back, but please note that there is a drying fee associated with each flower. If you opt not to reclaim them, any remaining flowers will be disposed off within two weeks after you receive your order.


  1. Posting your flower: We have instructions on “How to send your flower to us” on our website Please contact us if there are any questions. 

  2. Shipping your items: The pricelist does not include a postage fee for your final product. Once the items are finished, we will check the weight and use the Postage Calculator  from Australia Post Office to ship your item back to you. You will require to pay this before your items leave the studio.


  • We will not hold any responsibility for flower damage, parcel damage, loss or missing parcel when you post it to us. The flowers' condition will be notified to you via email or DM when we receive them.

  • You must pay the shipping fee within three weeks of receiving our shipping invoice. If you wish to extend it, please inform us in the email. Until you finalise the payment, your item will remain as our property and we hold the right to display it.


Infinite Joy Creation has the right to post photos or videos of all your fresh flowers as well as the final products/ orders on our pages (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok and Website). We can even use it for advertising purposes.

We understand your product might include some personal items and photos of your loved one, you can discuss them with us in case you do not wish to do so or want a blurred image.


Preserving flowers in crystal clear resin is the optimal method for ensuring their long-lasting condition. However, it's important to note that over time, the resin may develop a slight amber tint, despite claims by other artists that it will remain crystal clear indefinitely. Nevertheless, you can significantly slow down the ambering process by adhering to the extra care instructions provided with each of your orders. Once your finished item has been delivered to you, we cannot hold responsibility for it.

Blemishes: bubbles, some cloudy spots, specks of dust, small lines, and rough edges are common blemishes in your order. We will try our best to minimise them but do not guarantee your order is blemishes-free. 

It's crucial to remember that our creations are meticulously handmade with love. They are not mass-produced items from an assembly line, which means they cannot be exact replicas or identical twins. Each order is unique and possesses its own distinct characteristics, making iy truly one-of-a-kind and exclusively yours.


We suggest you treat your keepsake with care. Some items are very heavy, some might have sharp points and rough edges. Keep it out of children’s reach. We take no responsibility for any harms, or damages caused by our keepsake once it is delivered to you.


Infinite Joy Creation offers an e-Gift voucher if you wish to gift your loved one or even for yourself. You can purchase it directly on our website.

Vouchers can’t be redeemed for cash, return, or refund.

The voucher has valid for 1 year (one year)  from the purchased day and in some special circumstances we will accept a change of recipient’s name at no cost


Infinite Joy Creation will not hold any responsible for the lost items, and flowers due to the event of unforeseen circumstances like a disaster, fire, flood etc… Please understand it is out of our control. In such cases, we will reach out to you to discuss the best option or a refund will be made. We strictly hold liability to your money only, not the items or flowers you sent to us.


At Infinite Joy Creation, each item is made to order, it is personalized and unique. Hence, we do not offer refunds.

  • We do not accept change-of-mind refunds; you can change your order size after finalising your payment. If the new size you choose is more than what you had paid, you will request to pay the difference before the flower preservation process commences. In the case, the size you choose is less than what you had paid you can add something to your order, or the gap amount will become Store credit for you to use within one year.  


  • ​There are no refunds for any dissatisfaction, e.g. flower colour changing, photo colour fading, or the item thickness, … At Infinite Joy Creation, we promise to take the utmost care in preserving your flowers. However, we cannot guarantee it can stay the same in resin. Each flower reacts differently in resin and the condition of flowers when we receive them, plays an important part in the final product as well.


​A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure your booking for all flower preservation.

The final balance MUST be paid on the day we receive your flowers and no later than 3 weeks after your event. No casting commences until you make your full payment. 

Our price list excludes shipping and postage or courier pick-up service. Please get in touch with us if you require those services

There is a 10% surcharge for last-minute orders (less than 3 business days) or late charges - only applied for Wedding Flower Preservation. The minimum order is $200. Please contact us for more info. 

In some cases, we provide a colour correction option, and this service will be charged extra.

We accept all types of payments:

  • Visa, Mastercard, etc

  • Banks transfer (have to pre-arrange by emailing us)

  • PayID

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