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After completing this order form, we will reach out to you, if necessary, to review the details before finalizing and issuing the invoice.

Please Note: Your selected date and items will only be secured upon receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit

Are you
Returned Customer
New Customer
For which occasion would you like to have your flowers preserved?
Memorial Service
Personalized Gift

Flower Arrangement Detail

To assist us in preparing for your order effectively, could you please provide specific details about your flowers? If you have not yet finalized your floral arrangement, please mention it in the comment section at the end.

Resin Block Preservation

Which item would you like to order?
Do you like colored Background
Yes, Black
Yes, White
Yes, Frosted
No, Clear is the best
What is your favorite Design
Prefer Negative/Clear Space
I trust the artist's expertise
Do you want to add anything to the resin block?

Resin Accessories

Which item would you like to order?
If you order Initial Letter Block , would you like to add light base or fairy light ?
Yes, Lightbase
Yes, Fairy light
No, Thanks
Would you like to add foil flake in the resin accessories order?
Yes, Silver
Yes, Gold
Yes, Rose Gold
No, Thanks


If you choose to send your flowers to us by post, there is a possibility of some damage occurring during transit. Infinite Joy Creation cannot be held responsible for such damage
Yes, I understand
I need to discuss another option
In the event that your flowers are deemed too delicate or unsuitable for preservation, would you be interested in utilizing flowers from our inventories, if they are accessible? Please note that a surcharge will apply for this service.
Ok, I understand
No, I want to use my own flowers and I accept the product outcomes
Are you aware that flower color and size will slightly change after drying and casting in resin?
Yes, I understand and accept that fact
No, I want to discuss more
Our price list does not encompass shipping or postage fee, you may select your preferred shipping service, or we can provide you with a customized quote for this at later day
Yes, I need a postage quote
I will arrange pick up and drop off
It's important to note that not all of your dried flowers may be used for casting. If you wish to retain them, a drying fee will apply.
Yes, I understand
No, I don't want to purchase them back
Where did you learn about Infinite Joy Creation?
Through a friend or family member
Online search (e.g., Google)
Social Media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram)
Advertisement (e.g., Expos, Brochure)
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